[again] Out of Continent

Fri, June 3, 2005, 02:03 AM under Personal
My first holiday for 2005 starts right now. The last time we went on vacation was 2004 (Vegas and Nordic don't count... I am serious!).

In half an hour we are leaving for Heathrow to catch a flight to Mauritius (never been to the Indian Ocean before).

The big news is that I proposed to Jenny and she said... "YES" :-D
By the way, I am now the world's expert at choosing diamond engagement rings (it's all about cut, carats, clarity and color - set in platinum of course).

A couple of things I'll miss while I am away which I reccommend you don't:
1. Go to the *free* MEDC UK event (10 June)
2. Attend the MVP NETCF chat at 18:00 on June 14th
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