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Sun, March 27, 2005, 02:53 PM under Links
* In protest to the pricing model of Team System, no msft blog will be linked from this week's BLOTW. The pricing model is widely discussed in the blogosphere, but I find the quote at the end of this entry covers my thoughts:
"Congratulations to the development teams bringing these products to us. We're glad that you've been listening. Now go kick down the doors of the marketing people and blast them for wasting your time."

* On Monday, Roger asked in the ng if people would be interested in styled controls; I directed him to the cf ng, where he got positive feedback. Here is the result.

* Seems I have to brush up on my UML, as there is a diagram in v2.0 I was not aware of

* In the past I run an internal "Advanced .NET Basics" session (covering the topics on this list). This full day tutorial seems to cover similar ground and all material is available for download.

* Don't throw from finally
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