Blog link of the week 11

Sun, March 20, 2005, 02:57 PM under Links
+ If you think there is a scientific way classes are assigned to namespaces, think again.

+ I have thought about this before and, without going into details, I fundamentally disagree with the notion of "contextual keywords".

+ On the one hand I am not impressed with 35 blog entries in 2 days because I am not sure it is right to put such useful content into blogs rather than the traditional MSDN help (and MSFT do the former more and more). On the other hand, have you any idea how long we would be waiting had they taken this information through the stringent MSDN article submission process?

+ I have been bitten by this in the past, so follow the advice.

+ This neat little feature hasn't had as much exposure as it should IMO: incremental searching.

+ We will need this feature for an upcoming project, so I am bookmarking some info/links here on hosting the designer.

+ At some point I will blog about the process I followed when upgrading our VB6 system to .NET and then to CF. Until then, I'd keep my eye on Mike McIntyre’s blog (45 upgraded VB6 projects is a few dozen more than what I have done!)
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