Call .NET from VB6

Wed, January 12, 2005, 01:52 PM under dotNET
This is a repost. The content appeared orginaly here, but I thought it deserved a post on its own rather than being at the bottom of an off (the main) topic entry.

[..] a demo I saw Don Box deliver at Tech Ed 2001 (in VB6) and TechEd 2004 (in Word Macro). So, in case you aren't aware of it, here is some VB6 code that always gets a nice reaction:
1. New VB6 "Standard EXE"
2. Project->References. Add:
Common Language Runtime Execuion Engine (mscoree)
Common Language Runtime Library (mscorlib)
3. Double-click on the form to get the Form_Load method (event handler)
4. Type in there the following 5 lines of code
Dim crh As CorRuntimeHost

Dim ad As AppDomain
Dim oh As ObjectHandle
Dim o As Object

5. Run->Start. The IDE breaks so you are in the debugger. View->Immediate Window
6. In the Immediate Window, type the following (line by line hitting return, don't just copy/paste)
Set crh = New CorRuntimeHost

crh.CurrentDomain ad
Set oh = ad.CreateInstance("mscorlib", "System.Collections.Stack")
Set o = oh.Unwrap
o.Push "Rocks"
o.Push "NET "
o.Push "."
MsgBox o.Pop & o.Pop & o.Pop

That's it! You've just used a .NET Stack class in VB6 by hosting the runtime.
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