The end of comments

Sat, October 30, 2004, 03:58 AM under Blogging
1. You will have noticed that blog spam is on the increase. Unfortunately, blogger doesn't offer any protection (e.g. can't preview comments, can't really delete a comment once it is posted, etc) [point A]

2. My less-than-ideal approach was to leave comments open for a week after which I would choose "Hide comments" (as well as forbid new comments) on selected past posts. Sadly, this changes the feed in such a way that some tools pick them up as new posts (which is irritating) [point B]

3. In syndication tools/newsreaders there is no "Comments" link for blogger-generated feeds. [point C]

4. Conceptually I don't separate comments from trackbacks and blogger doesn't support trackbacks [point D]

So, the aggregation of the above points has led me to turn off comments for new posts. At the same time I enabled the "Email Post" feature. As always, should you have a comment or anything else to say to me, you can email me using the link on the left.

Sorry :-(
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