Class Diagram item template missing from SL projects

Fri, March 7, 2008, 10:13 AM under Silverlight
It is a well known fact that I love the Class Designer that was introduced in VS2005 and I had fed back a lot during its early stages (good and missing). This is the tool I use to explore any new library/framework that comes out before dropping to the code editor to really play with the API (btw, that answers this FAQ I get when people talk to me about this job).

So I did the same for Silverlight 2 Beta1 and noticed that the option to add a "Class Diagram" was not there! These are all the item templates a Silverlight project will offer:

Some overzealous filtering took place there IMO. I see no reason to omit it since the CD is reflection-based and can hence handle any .NET library. Anywho, all is not lost as you can right click on any code file in Solution Explorer and select "View Class Diagram" from there. Panic (and trivia) over.