Blog link of the week 53

Sun, January 2, 2005, 03:56 PM under Links
-Like last week, it is a (almost) new blogger that headlines BLOTW, an MSFTie no less, Scott Holden. Read all 5 posts he makes in his first week including the one where we learn that the GC threshold in CF 2.0 changes from 750KB to 1MB.

-Not technical, but it caught my attention (and read it to the end following all links etc). Have a look and decide where you stand. I am not quite so sure...

-Some A-list bloggers claim that if you haven't posted for a month you are worthy of un-subscription, I don't buy that. Steven Pratscner's last post was over 4 months ago; had I unsubscribed I would have missed this most informative entry.

-How do you calculate the size of a directory?

-Not sure how you'll use this knowledge but if you like knowing what goes on under the covers when you set a breakpoint, this entry is for you.

-This BLOTW is the longest I've done, but still, I must point you to a time waster (via Tech Blender). I managed to write "THE MOTH" but the closest I got to my name was "DA IE MO H"