Vista SKUs

Fri, September 22, 2006, 02:26 AM under Windows | Vista
Someone asked me about the different Windows Vista editions and what will be included in each one and I promised an answer on this blog...

If you download the product guide (item 1 link from here) you'll find section 2 dedicated to this topic (start at page 7).

First it describes the 6 SKUs as follows:
For Consumers: Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate
For Business: Business, Enterprise
For Consumer in Emerging Markets: Starter

You can then find a table on page 13 that summarizes the SKUs by customer segment, a table on page 14 that summarizes the SKUs by sales channel and a table on page 15 that compares the Windows XP SKUs with the Windows Vista SKUs.

Best of all, from page 16 to 20, there is a matrix of features against editions! (there may be an inaccuracy or two in there but overall it should give you a good head start before RTM).

Also of use may be these pages help and getready.