Sat, December 15, 2007, 06:42 AM under dotNET | Windows | Vista | UAC
Seasoned Windows Forms developers will be familiar with the System.Drawing.SystemIcons class that has a bunch of properties returning standard system icons. For example, if you throw on a form a picturebox and a button with its event handler the following code shows how you can take advantage of SystemIcons:
void button1_Click(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
// use Error
pictureBox1.Image = Bitmap.FromHicon(SystemIcons.Error.Handle);

// use Warning
this.Icon = SystemIcons.Warning;

// use Information
int h = button1.ClientSize.Height / 2;
Icon ico = new Icon(SystemIcons.Information, h, h);
Bitmap bitmap1 = Bitmap.FromHicon(ico.Handle);
button1.Image = bitmap1;
button1.ImageAlign = ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft;
With Service Pack 1 of .NET Framework v2.0 we get a new member of that class: SystemIcons.Shield. So, if you are on Windows Vista and you are working with User Account Control, you may find it a useful icon to use (for example on a menu).

Below is a screenshot of what the code above looks like side by side, before clicking the button and after. The screenshot at the bottom is after replacing the 3 icons with shield: