Wed, August 8, 2007, 01:56 PM under dotNET | Orcas
I have updated my Fx 3.5 list of dlls with one more: Microsoft.VisualC.STLCLR.dll.

As its name suggest, this is an assembly for C++ developers. To be clear, it is of no use to C#/VB developers since it is unusable without including the STL/CLR header. The idea is that if you are comfortable with the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) then you can still use the STL from your C++/CLI code. At the same time, it lets you port your existing unmanaged C++ that has investments in STL, to managed C++ without having to re-implement the STL portions – they just work since the STLCLR collections are compatible with the Generic .NET Collections!

For slides, demo and to read more about this assembly, please visit the STLCLR category on Nikola's blog. He has also recorded a video explaining everything about it.