QFE 4.2 - CF update

Mon, November 29, 2004, 12:52 PM under MobileAndEmbedded
This just appeared:

CF version number appears to be: 1.0.4292.0

Fixes made (from the readme):
This update addresses the following issues:
a.. Transitions between managed and native code may cause memory leaks on ARM platforms.
b.. A NullReferenceException may occur when a Web Method returns an empty array using the xsi:Nil attribute.
c.. Modifying the SoapClientMessage.ContentType property does not modify the Http requests ContentType header.
d.. Stack corruption may occur on SHx, MIPS and x86 platforms when local variables are created but never used.
e.. Invoking a multicase delegate from a catch handler may cause a MissingMethodException on SHx, MIPS and x86 platforms.
f.. Command line arguments containing double byte characters may get truncated to a single byte.
g.. An ObjectDisposedException may occur when a asynchronous web request is aborted before the response is received.
h.. Invoke on a disposed control may hang the application.
i.. An array containing one or more elements may be sent to the Web Service incorrectly.
j.. An application may hang when invoking a Web Method that uses multiple XmlElementAttributes on a single argument, member or property.
k.. Memory corruption may occur on devices that have the native security model enabled and both .NET CF V1 SP3.
l.. Deadlocks may occur when running under severe resource constraints.
m.. The issue of the Tool Bars loosing their image on Windows Mobile 2003 SE when removed from the form is addressed by this update.
n.. An ObjectDisposedException may occur when the server closes the socket connection.
o.. Setting the Minimum and Maximum properties of a progress bar may crash the application.
p.. An exception may occur when adding an image to an imagelist on an Hx4700 and Hx4705.
q.. Data misalignment may occur on decimal fields in MIPSIV devices.