LINQ samples

Thu, August 9, 2007, 12:57 PM under Orcas | LINQ
I opened the Help menu of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and observed three additions compared to Beta 1. Can you spot them without reading beyond the screenshot:

That's right:
1. MSDN Forums – browses to the MSDN forums.
2. Report a Bug – on my machine takes me here.
3. Samples – opens an htm file from your machine.

That last one is the most interesting to me. It includes hyperlinks to many sample projects on your machine. Clicking on "Visual C# Samples" will open a ZIP file that has two folders in it, one of them called "LinqSamples" that contains the BuildSamples.sln. Open that and you'll have 15 very interesting projects.

Included in that solution (no need to download anything from the web, contrary to following links) is the Paste XML As XElement add in project, the LinqToSqlQueryVisualizer debugger visualizer project and the ExpressionTreeVisualizer debugger visualizer project. Also, worth the admission fee alone is the SampleQueries project with literally hundreds of sample LINQ to everything queries in a format that you can learn from:

Go explore now!