Joining Avanade

Thu, June 23, 2005, 03:23 AM under Personal
The big news in my professional life is that I am leaving Trend/Honeywell after 6 happy years. We have both benefited from each other and I don't regret any of it. Trend, it's been a great ride, I wish you all the best and hopefully we'll cross paths in the future.

Here is the FAQ

Q. Were you fired, made redundant or otherwise asked to leave?
A. Quite the contrary, I resigned and seemingly leave a greater number of sad people behind rather than glad. I leave my current employer on excellent/amicable terms.

Q. Did you actively look to change jobs?
A. Not at all. I was professionally headhunted for a 3rd party. In fact it was real hard work for the agency to convince me to even consider thinking about looking elsewhere. Well done to them.

Q. Will you be working for a competitor?
A. No, not even staying in the same industry (BMS, HVAC). In fact I am transitioning from what is termed a "corporate developer" to being a "consultant".

Q. You are still working with .NET, right?
A. 100%, even more so than before. My new job involves working with Microsoft technologies *only* (same goes for every single one of my future colleagues).

Q. When do you leave your current employer and join your new one?
A. I finish here in mid-August. I start there in early-September. In between I'll go home to Greece for a much needed break.

Q. So where/who is your new employer?
A. It is based in London but my everyday working place will be wherever the client is. It is a company jointly owned by Microsoft and Accenture: Avanade (known for the Enterprise Library Application Blocks)

UPDATE: I no longer work for Avanade. I know that some of you searching for Avanade land here and then ask me for advice, I have none to offer regarding the company. Sorry and thank you.