Grok talk at WebDD on Vista Gadgets

Fri, February 2, 2007, 07:05 AM under Events
Given that generally my focus is on client and mobile technologies, you wouldn’t expect to see me at a web event, but I want to catch Scott Guthrie’s “Sneak peak at Orcas” session, so tomorrow (Saturday) I will be at WebDD – say "hi" if you spot me :-)

They have some grok talks at lunch time and I’ve been pushed forward to do one. I entered the title of “Vista Gadgets”, which leaves the door open to talk about Sidebar or SideShow. I could try to cover both but in 10’ that would mean restricting it to an end user’s perspective rather than showing code for either of them... we’ll see what mood I am in tomorrow ;-)

In any case, don’t expect anything new from this grok talk, it will be a cut-down version of either the Sidebar screencast or the SideShow screencast. See you there!