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*** NOTE: I stopped updating this MVP page in May 2006 ***

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Profile (2004, 2005)

In January 2005 Microsoft recognised me as an MVP for my contributions in 2004. For more on the programme please visit the MVP Support site (my own definition has always been "expertise in a technology with a passion for sharing it"). When I joined Microsoft UK in Q2 2006, as per the policy, unfortunately I ceased being an MVP (while still "recognized, credible, and accessible", I am no longer independent). I have captured below some of my public community activities in that period (no doubt I'll be continuing many of these but not in an MVP capacity).


The traditional route to becoming an MVP is assisting in the newsgroups. According to my newsgroup profile, my first post was in 2001 (asking for help :-)) and I have over 3000 (three thousand) posts to date. The majority of those are helping rather than asking for help and they are predominantly in the compactframework newsgoup where I have over 2000 posts (dmot...@hotmail.com).

MSDN Forums

There are many development forums around but MSDN launched its own in H1 of 2005. I immediately started helping people there and for a long time was the top non-Microsoft contributor in the Smart Device Development forums.

Online Chats

Microsoft hosts many online chats (both public and private). In addition to attending these in order to ask questions and connect with subject experts, I have also co-hosted a few. Transcripts for the 4 NETCF chats that I co-hosted are available via the following links: February 2005 , April 2005 , August 2005 , October 2005.


There are many websites where one can submit articles. I have turned down all such opportunities because, frankly, they don't pay enough. Instead, I publish articles in the form of blog entries on my weblog. In addition, I have published an article on MSDN on Point to Point Message Queues.

Speaking Engagements

There are many user groups/conferences/events where developers gather to hear a speaker talk about a certain technology and see demonstrations of it. Although I often participate as an attendee, I often stand opposite the audience as the presenter. Below are some of the sessions I have delivered. (you can reach me via the INETA speaker's bureau for your user group)