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Daniel Moth

Me drinking beerWelcome to my home page! I am a Greek guy that moved to the United Kingdom in 1994 initially to study and subsequently to work. In June 2008 I moved again, this time to the USA and now I work in Redmond, while living in Seattle with my wife Jenny.

For the non-techies (hi mum!) you can browse my photos here. I stopped updating that in 2008, so if you know me socially feel free to connect with me on facebook.

For the techies amongst you, I am a Technology and Organizational Leader having worn various software hats in the past including Developer, Designer, Engineer, Speaker, Consultant, Evangelist, Author, Program Manager, PM Lead, Group PM Manager... focusing on the Microsoft platform (through the Visual Studio family of tools). My professional background is captured in my curriculum vitae here and on my LinkedIn profile.

These pages are pretty much static and updated rarely. I used to maintain a technical web log here that I used to update frequently, but now is also all but defunct. One day I may start using my twitter account again...

Last updated September 2017