If you cannot see it, your browser's version is older than 4.x or you have 'Java disabled' or you did not wait long enough for it to load or something else that I have not thought of...

Sorry for the size of the applet but making it smaller would result in fewer player support or not displaying cards as images or in other limitations. This was undesirable as there are already other BJ games out there with such limitations.

The rules to the game of Blackjack, as implemented, can be found here.

If your link is slow (resulting in cards taking a while to display) you may download the game and run it locally. Unzip it in an empty folder, preserve the directory structure and open " ~blackjack.html ". Click here to download.

The implementation is a good example of how to keep core logic with user-interface logic separate. The design uses the Singleton and Observer patterns and a combination of the Facade &Mediator patterns.

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